How To Play And Win NetEnt Slots

Playing NetEnt and winning are two different things. Since all the slots are designed to display 100% randomness, you can predict when to win. Sometimes, a bit of bad luck can make you have a prolonged losing streak. If you are new to NetEnt, you can visit 1netentcasino , where there is a variety of quality slots.

Why Need A Strategy

Playing NetEnt slots without like flying a plane without a compass direction. It will eventually lose control and crash. A good strategy can reduce the house edge of the game and also maximize your winning chances. Before we proceed further, you need to visit to familiarize yourselve with various NetEnt slots.

  • A proper strategy can reward you with a continuous income from your bets.

Different NetEnt slots veterans have come up with different strategies that can be employed to give you a better chance of winning. Such strategies have been tested in both real casino scenarios and demo versions to ensure that they work correctly. Here are some of the most common strategies you can try out.

Always Start On Demo

A demo slot is a replica of a real money slot, only that a player will use fun money here. A demo version retains all the desired attributes of a real casino. In a demo slot version, a player can try out different casino slots without the fear of jeopardizing their pocket.

While the demo slot is used mostly by novice players, any player can utilize it to find a profitable casino. How possible is it? Playing your fun money on different denominations gives you the desired results. Slots exhibits different moods such as Hot, Cold and Neutral. The ideal slot must be in Hot mood.

Always Play On Hot Slots

A slot is considered to be hot when the balance on their prize pool is positive. In other words, the players in such slots had previously lost more than they won. Such a slot has the greatest potential to give you a win. Finding a Hot slot is easy when playing on demo mode.

  • A cold slot exhibits a negative prize pool.

So how do you know that the slot is positive? Well, you should place multiple bets on different denominations, then observe how the slot treats the bets. If it keeps giving you wins or bonuses in short cycles, then that slot is warm. You can now try it on the real money mode.

Playing On Generous Slots

A slot is said to be generous if it has the potential of giving you a win without much hustle. Some of the slots in NetEnt are considered to be more generous than others. The basic attribute of a generous NetEnt slot is having a high RTP of not less than 95.5%

RTP is the short form of Return To Player. In simple terms, it is the percentage amount of wagered money a player gets back from the slot after a certain duration of play. Some of the slots in this category include Gonzo's Quest, Devils Delight, Jackpot 600, Koi Princess, and Piggy Riches.

Understand Bonus Policy

The bonus policy displays the terms and conditions of paying any bonus. Most slots give players different bonuses to entice them. However, each bonus has its own wagering requirement. In other words, there is a certain number of rounds you have to play the bonus package before you can make it withdrawable.

  • Wagering Requirements keeps off players who misuse bonuses.

Some slots will have a very large wagering requirement that will need infinity cycles to finish. You should shy away from such. An ideal slot should be having a wagering requirement of less than 40x. If you combine a low wagering requirement and an RTP of above 97.5%, then the probability of winning something is high.

Last modified: 24 October 2020